GPS Tracking System for Multiple Domain

GPS Tracking System is an optimal way to obtain accurate, tracking real-time location for any type of vehicle. Apart from tracking you can also use it to monitor your employees, kids, fleets, cars, bikes and even your pet animals. GPS tracking system is well known for tracking the object or person in real-time. Enjoy online casino consultant But nowadays, it not only tracks but also manages and assures the safety of the object. These systems have become an important part of every industry.


Our ambulance tracking system helps you to find the nearest location of ambulance available from the point of the accident. Where our system will provide you with live location tracking of the ambulance. A fully customisable and user-friendly dashboard for both App and Web solution is provided. The informative record and reports about the ambulance and the driver driving the vehicle will be mentioned on your screen. Moreover, the system will help you to get 24/7 round the clock support service.


Railways have patrolmen and keymen to maintain the safety of railway tracks. But tracking their real-time location of a field employee will be a nightmare for railways. So we provide them with an employee tracking system. Here they can select the route which the keyman has to follow, allocate single and multiple location points to be visited. Also, get a well-versed analytics report and chart of each patrolman and ensure complete safety.


Constructing areas have both heavy trucks and employee working and our system offers a GPS tracking system for both trucks and employees. It actively monitors the smallest movement of employees and trucks. Get interactive maps and multiple route options for long route travelling trucks. Apart from real-time truck location tracking, the system identifies the truck idling, unusual stoppages, speeding, harsh braking, etc. It accurately monitors the time and attendance details of both the field employees and the truck drivers.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Our logistics and supply chain management system enables the real-time tracking and monitoring of the consignment and assets. It also clearly shows other relevant data like the number of deliveries, device trip reports, vehicle speed and distance covered by the vehicle. Our system offers various fleet maintenance alerts and features to keep your fleets up to date which increases the ROI of your each vehicle and reduces the operational costs of your fleets.

Waste Management

We endorse in cleanliness and believe in providing green environment all over the world. We offer our GPS tracking system for Waste collecting vehicles. Where the GPS tracking devices in the vehicles of government and public agencies are installed to track their vehicles in any area, street, wards or colony of the cities. The manager or person in charge can easily select various waste-collecting landmarks or points throughout the city. Also, track and monitor the exact amount of waste collected by different vehicles.

Travel and Tourism

While travelling to any new place renting a car, bike, etc have now become an easy mode of transport. Renting companies can make use of our GPS tracking solution to track their rented car, bike etc. Easily create a geofence for all your vehicles and set boundaries for them. Avoid the chance of a vehicle getting theft/misuse by tracking the live location of your vehicle. With our transparent billing option, the transparency of vehicle renting charges and other expense between clients and renting company can be managed smoothly.

Animal Tracking

Our GPS Tracking System is designed to run with all the types gps trackers available in the market. And for animal tracking our GPS tracking software can be used along with wearable GPS trackers to track and monitor the real-time location of your pets, domestic and wild animals. Personal Trackers used by the caretakers of the animals can also be integrated with our tracking system. Moreover, SOS functionality for caretakers is also available in the case of emergency so the help can be provided at the right time.

Water Supply

Our Water supply management helps you to manage the distribution of water in rural and drought-affected regions, In this, we track the accurate location of the water supplying truck, vehicle with our advanced GPS vehicle tracking system. Our system allows you to monitor the water level in the tankers as our tracking software can be easily integrated with any tracker devices. Detailed analytic of the trips according to day, week and month will be available in the form of charts and reports.

Boat Tracking

Our Boat GPS tracking system allows you to check the exact location of the boat, ship, vessels using supportive GPS tracking devices. It maintains the collection of offline trip data when the trackers are not in the network region. Boat owners can create a geofence area and can get alerts and notification when their boat enters/exits the selected geofence area. In spite of getting the real-time location of your boat users can even monitor the fuel consumption of the sailing boat, ship, vessel, etc.